Making market easy for new comers; TRADERSloop & Deepak Wadhwa are educating new comers to earn their regular livelihood from STOCK MARKETS

Making market easy for new comers; TRADERSloop & Deepak Wadhwa are educating new comers to earn their regular livelihood from STOCK MARKETS
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The stock market remains one of the most lucrative methods of income generation, but only a few people know the intricacies of stock market trading. Most people trade without proper guidance and end up losing money. Data from SEBI and NSE suggests that only 4-5% of traders are profitable while others consistently lose money. Trading in the stock market without knowledge is like gambling.

Entrepreneur and successful full-time trader Mr. Deepak Wadhwa, CEO and founder of TRADERSloop, believes that anyone can become a professional trader in stock market with correct training. He taught over 200 individuals from all spheres of the industry and beyond including professionals from engineering, marketing, and finance to students and homemakers.

The training includes basic to advanced and professional levels, depending upon the individual’s prior knowledge. Moreover, as per the individual’s convenience and preference, both offline and online classes are conducted.

Mr. Wadhwa and TRADERSloop are involved in activities that truly help full-time traders to get a lot of knowledge online as the market moves that too for free which not only helps in profitable trading but also helps in finding that edge in the market to which he learned from various gurus in his learning journey of  5 years.

Furthermore, people can join his free telegram channel for bank nifty insights and live important data points like price, open interest, most trending options both call and put, along with straddles and many other things to name a few.

He decided to take a break and switch his passion from 22 years of Chemical business to the Stock market and get involved in it completely. As the knowledge was less, every second person either a broker or an advisor guided him which resulted in a huge loss that not only gave set-up to Mr. Deepak but also brought a lot of depression and bad times to his life all of a sudden where he lost almost 80% of his capital in a span of 6 months.

With a lot of struggle and thrills in the success story, he is now teaching people to be successful and helping them minimize the learning curve with the knowledge that he achieved by spending 7 years in the market.

He understood one basic thing that the market of FNO is a zero-sum game if he is losing someone else is earning and the statistics of people earning and the statistics of people earning in the stock market are low. The challenge was not easy and time and money were on loose every day. He kept his focal points as improvisation in his effort and deliberate learning.

According to Mr. Deepak Wadhwa, “99% of traders he met are the ones who carry their losses in the hope that eventually their trades will turn into profit instead, this habit results in partial to a full loss of capital”. the prime vision of Mr. Deepak’s TRADERSloop education program is based on the ideology of small-stop losses and no-trade without hedging. According to him, “Small profits can make big traders”.

Trading in the stock market after proper training and learning is much easier and more comfortable than working in an office and doing a small business with the same amount of capital. Learning is very important and key to this full-time business.

Post- Covid, countless people lost their jobs and business which led to a handful amount of time at home. This facilitated their entrance into stock market trading thinking that it is an easy job. As per data from SEBI and NSE, over 4 crore Demat and trading accounts have been newly opened in the last 2 years.

With his experience he came up with a technology where he gained his edge on straddles and option selling, he also teaches free of cost to people approaching him, with his many free live and video courses that people can join learn, and can make a profit. He says, “It is not very difficult to earn in the stock market if you follow proper discipline and have a proper rule to follow, greed is the biggest enemy in the market, and patience is the biggest reward giving”.

Although the path was a rock one, everything wasn’t easy, it required a lot of perseverance, and he suffered losses, but didn’t give up. Besides he took inspiration from various stock traders across the world and decided to give the stock exchange numerous tries until he finally succeeded.

With the constant support of his family and peers, he eventually turned out to succeed in his learning journey which is still not over. Every day he faces a new challenge and tries to find the right method of overcoming it. He believes in evolving his approach and ultimately himself as per the market’s needs and requirements.

He can now proudly say that he is a successful trader, willing to grow and share his impeccable journey with people who want to grow. And anyone who aims to learn and wants to become can easily connect with him via WhatsApp at 80106-36363 and his Twitter handle, @bwithdeepak.

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