Now our E-store India has become an international company

Now our E-store India has become an international company
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Though the pandemic of covid was a hard hit for all the businesses worldwide, but one company worked for the betterment of society and created innumerable opportunities for people to earn money. Yes, we are talking about Ayurcure direct and E-store India.

The company started its business operations in the year 2018 and became a successful business venture by achieving a turnover of Rs 5500 crore in just a span of four years. Now with its acquisition by an international company, E-Store India is focusing on creating more employment opportunities so as to eradicate unemployment on a larger scale.

Ayurcure direct is a certified direct-selling company and E-store India is its retail chain for groceries, which has more than 600 supermarkets across India. More than 10,000 health check-up camps by expert doctors and more than 2000 health care centres had been setup by E-Store India. Such health camps strengthen the health care system for the nation as a whole.

With such blooming business and ever-growing dynamics, some competitors became envious and left no stone unturned to damage the reputation. Some anti-social elements spread fake news about the company and made severe attempts like putting fake news on social media for the closure of the company.

But company’s CMD, Dr. Faizan Khan, took every step possible to save the company in such testing times. With such innovative business module and company’s assets, Dr. Faizan Khan bagged a deal with an international company and got an investment to cope up with the financial crises of the company. This is a revolutionary milestone in the history of direct-selling companies.

Before the downtimes of the company, it has helped thousands of people by providing various employment opportunities and has benefitted lakhs of people by providing them grocery in discounted rates

Now with such achievements, E-Store India is striving to provide more opportunities and benefits to society. So let’s come forward and support the company to contribute to the development of the nation.

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