Rebolt Launches its EV Charging Station at Lulu Global Mall, Bengaluru

Rebolt Launches its EV Charging Station at Lulu Global Mall, Bengaluru
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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India]: The Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) segment is growing at a very rapid pace and this necessitates a similar growth in the EV charging infrastructure across the country. In November 2022 alone, a total of 120,660 EVs were sold, which included over 5350 four-wheelers and 76400 two-wheelers – a YoY growth of over 185%.

With its mission to help humans reduce their dependency on fossil fuels by facilitating their switch to sustainable energy, Rebolt is setting up efficient charging stations at convenient locations for EV owners. The venture, which was started in July this year has launched its seventh public charging station in Bengaluru at Lulu Global Mall, Rajajinagar. It currently operates 15 public charging points for four-wheelers in these locations apart from a series of private & semi-private charging points in apartments, resorts & office spaces.

Speaking at the event, Sunil Prabhakar, Co-founder of Rebolt said, “Charging infrastructure or should I say the lack of it is a major hindrance in large-scale adoption of EVs. With Rebolt, we are taking this problem head-on by installing our EV chargers at public places where people typically spend a few hours, so that while they are doing something productive, their vehicle gets topped up by 50-60%. And to do so, we are partnering with premium commercial establishments such as micro-breweries, coffee shops, restaurants, malls, sports complexes, etc. We are equally focused on private charging and we are growing our presence in large apartment complexes, offices, and resorts.”

Headquartered in Bengaluru, the parent company, Trabacus Technologies is a nine-year-old entity with offices in India & US. Originally a pure-play travel technology company, the company diversified into the EV space with Rebolt. It also operates a dedicated marketplace in the US to buy & sell used Tesla cars under the brand name

“We are one of the very few tech companies that have forayed into the EV charging business – most others are from the manufacturing side. We are looking at our app as our product and not the charger. We build all our technology in-house and over a period of time, we intend to transform Rebolt into a one-stop app for an EV owner.”, added Sunil.

With the extremely user-friendly Rebolt app, the EV owner can easily find the chargers on a map, book a charging slot well in advance, or view the real-time availability of the chargers to drive in and start charging. At the charging station, the EV owner simply scans a QR code to start charging and the payment is automatically debited to the wallet once the charging session ends. The host of the charger is provided with a dashboard, using which the host can manage their locations and chargers, track bookings & consumption, commissions due, payments and much more.

Talking about Rebolt’s growth plans, Sunil added, “We are growing rapidly. While we are primarily in Karnataka now, we are expanding to other states very soon. We are also enabling online sales of our EV chargers through our website ( We have a great team that is highly motivated and committed to growing the network, but more importantly, to provide the smoothest installation and overall charging experience to the host and the EV owner.”

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