SILAMBAM PREMIER LEAGUE: A Spectacle of Martial Artistry Set to Enchant Madurai

SILAMBAM PREMIER LEAGUE: A Spectacle of Martial Artistry Set to Enchant Madurai
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WSS Sports and Entertainment Introduces Silambam Premier League Mini 1, Featuring 912 Athletes and 7 Days of Intense Competition

Madurai, Tamil Nadu [India]: In a thrilling celebration of the ancient art of Silambam, WSS Sports and Entertainment is proud to present the inaugural Silambam Premier League Mini 1 (SPL Mini 1), set to kick off in December 2023. As the stage is set for this seven-day extravaganza, anticipation is building among martial arts enthusiasts and fans of traditional Indian sports.

The city of Madurai, renowned for its rich cultural heritage, will play host to this grand martial arts spectacle. With 912 Silambam athletes and 228 Silambam instructors from 38 districts across the nation participating, SPL Mini 1 promises to be a dazzling showcase of skill, agility, and precision. SPL Mini 1 boasts an impressive 228 team count, ensuring a fiercely competitive tournament with a total match count of 234.

SPL Mini 1 will unfold over seven consecutive days, with league matches taking center stage. Each day will witness 8 hours of high-intensity action, beginning at 4 p.m. and continuing into the night, with the tournament being played as a day-night game. 

The participants in the tournament will be categorized into three age groups: 10 or under, 11 to 17, and 18 and above. Matches will be organized based on these age groups, with separate competitions for both men and women.

The competition will feature matches in three categories: Single Stick, Double Stick, and Thodu Silambam. All matches will be conducted under the league rules of Silambam Premier, promising thrilling displays of skill and strategy.

A total prize pool of Rs 4,50,000 awaits the victors in six different categories. The winning division in the age-wise competition between the 38 districts will take home the first prize of Rs 50,000, while the second prize of Rs 25,000 is also up for grabs.

SPL Mini 1 will serve as a stepping stone for talented participants, as those selected will have the chance to compete in Silambam Premier League Mini 2, scheduled to be held in Dindigul in May of the following year. This event will pave the way for them to be shortlisted and selected for the much-anticipated SPL Silambam Premier League in 2025, featuring teams from Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

The SPL, or Silambam Premier League, is conducted under the rules and regulations of the World Union Silambam Federation. All arrangements and regulations are registered with the Central Government, and the event has received official sanction and approval from the World Union Silambam Federation.

The grand inauguration of the SPL Mini 1 took place on August 30, 2023, with the event being launched and spearheaded by distinguished personalities including Mr. Uday SPL (SPL EC Member and SPL President), Mr. Pon Sunder SPL (SPL Vice President), Mr. Rajesh SPL (SPL EC Member), Mr. Rajaputran SPL (SPL Technical Committee Member), and Mrs. Ramya SPL (SPL Event Coordinator).

The Silambam Premier League Mini 1 promises to be a remarkable celebration of this ancient martial art form, combining tradition with modern competition. Madurai is all set to witness this cultural extravaganza, and fans of Silambam from around the nation are eagerly awaiting the kick-off of this historic event. 

Stay tuned for seven days of breathtaking Silambam action and unforgettable moments.


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