Techurate introduces Tigiverse to Revolutionize the Banking Experience

Techurate introduces Tigiverse to Revolutionize the Banking Experience
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Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India]: Techurate Systems Pvt Ltd, a Global Smart Banking technology company has launched Tigiverse. A digital service platform that embodies an ecosystem of product modules curated to effect a complete digital transformation of enterprise in the financial services industry. Tigiverse offers a wide bouquet of services ranging from mobile to internet banking to the evolving Web 3. O and Metaverse space. Tigiverse made a dazzling debut as Techurate’s hero showcase at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2022, the largest FinTech Festival in the world and a knowledge platform for the global FinTech community.

Techurate identified an opportunity in the Indian market to meet the needs of customers that expect more than conventional online banking and set out a plan to deliver a digital offering, called Tigiverse.

Techurate’s Tigiverse streamlines and automates teller operations and provides in-branch self-service options to help Banks better serve customers more quickly and efficiently. Tigiverse is an intelligent automation solution for Banks to digitalize customer interactions ranging from onboarding, deposits, withdrawals, and wallet banking helps with instant loans, etc. It helps replace paper-based systems and promotes Green Banking. 

Tigiverse helps automate the reconciliation process of the bank as it has AI and ML capabilities. Tigiverse streamlines the business process and offers total automation of activities, from purchase requisition to GRN. It aims to provide companies with better financial planning, budgeting, financial risk assessment monitoring, and control.

Commenting on the same Harshvardhan Pusala Founder & Managing Director, Techurate Systems Private Limited said “The banking industry is dynamic and in a state of constant change. There is a constant demand for better services and greater user experience.  This is our challenge at Techurate to constantly work with the banking & finance industry to meet these changing demands to delight consumers. Techurate’s Smart Branch provides banks with a single omnichannel platform, which will enable banks to streamline customer journeys across devices and channels”.

In the near future Banks can establish virtual branches in the Metaverse and offer consumer touchpoints for engagement, such as the ability to communicate securely with an avatar of a financial advisor without physically visiting the branch. By providing cryptocurrency wallets and custodial services, access to cryptocurrency marketplaces for trading and investing, and advisory services to Wealth Management clients, several Banks, and financial institutions are already setting the pace globally.

“Personally, I think the Metaverse could be the most important tech trend to hit banking since the internet. However, we are still in the early days. At Techurate we are already making products for web 3.O and the Metaverse. At Techurate it is our mission to deepen financial inclusion and transform billions of lives. To transform the lives of over a billion people by 2025 leveraging “Tigiverse” digital services platform.” added Mr.Pusala.

Techurate is a Global Smart Banking technology company with a fine blend of technology skills, strong domain knowledge, 500+ years of industry experience in IT. Techurate has worked in several highly under-banked nations and has successfully leveraged the power of Digital in bringing a vast audience into the organised banking fold. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company has served around 250+ Banks and Financial Institutions across 15+ geographies globally in a short span.

With its flagship products and services, the company has scripted several success stories in emerging markets like Zambia, Cameroon, Botswana, that they are looking to repeat in Latin America and India.

Techurate provides highly customised Digital Banking Technology Solutions for Banks and Financial Institutions that systematically deliver greater agility, measurable business value and enhanced customer experience. For further information visit the website

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