The Collection: Innovative B2B Platform and Cash on Delivery Revolution

The Collection: Innovative B2B Platform and Cash on Delivery Revolution
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New Delhi, [India], January 9, 2024: The Collection, known for mobile accessories and with an impressive offline track record of 1 million USD, is entering the B2B domain. The Collection stands out among small mobile shop operators across India thanks to its clever incorporation of a Cash on Delivery (COD) option and innovative sourcing strategy.

Direct Sourcing from Factories

The Collection distinguishes itself by directly sourcing goods from factories. This transparent supply chain ensures authenticity and quality, contributing to the affordability and competitiveness of its products. The brand establishes a direct link by eliminating intermediaries, ensuring transparency and reliability.

International Imports Enrich Product Offerings

Beyond direct factory sourcing, The Collection expands its product range with international imports. This diversifies the available products and brings unique and high-quality items to the local market. The brand’s commitment to global imports enhances its position as a diverse and innovative mobile accessories seller.

Commitment to Competitive Pricing

The Collection takes pride in offering cost-effective products. The brand strategically purchases goods at lower costs, passing on these savings to customers. Emphasising bulk buying at cheaper rates, The Collection aligns with the budget constraints of small mobile shop owners, reinforcing its commitment to affordability.

Provide Cost Savings for Big Orders

The Collection maximises its buying strength through economies of scale, ensuring favourable prices from manufacturers. This not only helps the brand save costs but also enables offering appealing bulk pricing to customers. By purchasing in larger quantities at lower rates, The Collection contributes to the growth and profitability of its MSME partners.

Small Business Owners in the Mobile Retail Sector

The Collection focuses on catering to small and medium-sized enterprises (MSME) engaged in mobile retail across India, acknowledging their difficulties in procuring mobile accessories.

Accessibility and Convenience

The Collection provides accessibility and convenience by offering a user-friendly B2B platform. This platform allows retailers to easily browse products, compare prices, and place orders with ease, eliminating the need to travel to wholesale markets in Delhi.

Business Loss Prevention

The brand aims to prevent business losses for MSME mobile shop owners who traditionally face disruptions and additional expenses when travelling to wholesale markets to source products. The Collection’s nationwide delivery ensures that retailers can purchase without disrupting their day-to-day operations.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Understanding that local wholesale markets may impose higher prices on small quantity purchases, The Collection addresses the cost concerns of MSME mobile shop owners. The bulk pricing strategy ensures these retailers can acquire quality mobile accessories at competitive rates, supporting their profitability.

Cash on Delivery Facility

The Collection introduces a Cash on Delivery (COD) facility catering to MSMEs’ preferences and financial constraints. This feature enables shop owners to pay upon delivery, mitigating the need for upfront payments and providing financial flexibility.

The 499 INR Token for Cash on Delivery

The Collection introduces a 499 INR token for Cash on Delivery orders to enhance customer trust. This small token ensures a secure transaction process, building confidence without requiring upfront customer payments.

The Collection’s Journey

Founded in February 2018, The Collection has undergone a transformative journey of passion, resilience, and a deep understanding of the mobile industry. The founder, Deepak Kumar’s story, reflects a transition from a footwear shop salesman to venturing into the dynamic world of mobile accessories.

Deepak’s journey began during the early days of mobile phone emergence, where a genuine passion for mobile technology ignited. This personal interest evolved into a professional calling, shaping the subsequent career trajectory.

Despite challenges, including a job loss, Deepak transitioned to a role in a mobile shop, embarking on an eight-year-long journey in the mobile retail sector. Valuable experience and insights into consumer preferences, market trends, and the challenges small retailers face were gained during this period.

Seizing Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Armed with a decade of experience and a deep affinity for mobile phones, the founder identified a market gap and ventured into entrepreneurship. This bold move resulted in the establishment of The Collection, a business focused on curating and supplying mobile accessories to address the specific needs of small mobile shop owners.

The brand’s journey involves a dedicated effort to curate a diverse collection of mobile accessories. Drawing on the founder’s passion and experience, The Collection ensures that its product offerings meet the demands of the ever-evolving mobile industry, catering to the preferences of consumers and the requirements of retailers.

The Collection’s B2B Platform

After six successful years of offline operations, The Collection announced the launch of its cutting-edge B2B website, catering to mobile accessories. Now available nationwide through the trusted logistics partner Delhivery, The Collection is set to revolutionise the mobile accessories market, offering convenience and affordability to retailers from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

The Collection is set to redefine the B2B mobile accessory market in India. With its focus on empowering small businesses, offering a convenient and cost-effective platform, and prioritising quality and customer satisfaction, the brand is paving the way for a brighter future for mobile retailers nationwide.

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