Vishal Goswami on his journey to continue growing friction studio-a successful Shopify agency

Vishal Goswami on his journey to continue growing friction studio-a successful Shopify agency
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Rajasthan [India]: Vishal Goswami – a 22 years old young entrepreneur is making his name in the Shopify eCommerce space. He has driven growth-based design. He is the founder of Friction Studio, an agency specialising in Shopify store design and builds. Moreover, it has driven over $150k a year.

The design industry is ever-expanding and evolving. Who would have thought Adobe might acquire Figma, right? So, niche down, and that’s how Vishal Goswami became a founder of Shopify design agency named Friction Studio.

He believes in making commerce frictionless for vegan, health and wellness brands. His journey as a solopreneur started at the age of 16. Fast forward to 2022, he has built a team and networks across the industry. He started as a freelancer who designed no-code websites, on platforms such as Shopify and WordPress.

To quote him, “I could not afford a laptop on my own, and in my academics, I was a good student so got a laptop from govt of Rajasthan. Since then, I have become an agency owner and have worked with global eCommerce brands. Now, the aim is to expand and level up to Shopify Plus and headless commerce.” As a budding entrepreneur, he said, niching down is the key to retaining customers and becoming best in the industry.

The world around us is hyper-digitized. And almost everyone has a product online. Vishal aspires to work with environmentally conscious brands. Over time, creating highly converting Shopify stores became hard. Friction Studio overcame the challenges of designing and building a conversion-focused Shopify Store. Vishal’s experience has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride. He explained how Shopify store owners do not draw a line between brand identity and website design. We (the team at Friction Studio) help them define their vision and realise it through brand strategy and user-centric approach of creating Shopify stores.

As a founder/CEO, it is essential to find a good team, and it enables a productive and empathic work culture. His firm belief is, “Do not ever come out without a plan and clear vision. Otherwise, you will spin in a fixed cycle without goals.” It has led him to work with remarkable brands in the Shopify eCommerce space. Look at his djb47 project; it has been the biggest project that he shaped. Friction Studio’s detail-oriented process then divulges brand targeting, needs, story, goals, vision and service delivery that removes friction. Vishal said, “ At Friction Studio We create Shopify stores for DTC brands that convert”.

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