Why Are Patients From Dubai, Singapore & USA Coming To Surya Eye Institute In India To Get Their Eyes Treated?

Why Are Patients From Dubai, Singapore & USA Coming To Surya Eye Institute In India To Get Their Eyes Treated?
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If you or any of your family member is using Spectacles or has cataract, you must read this interesting article.

Gone are the days when patients had to travel to the US or UK for advanced treatments. Surya Eye Institute (Mulund) offers the latest eye treatments on most advanced equipment at par with global standards to all its patients. And it costs around 1/5th of what it would cost in the USA or in Dubai. No wonder, international patients from all over the world prefer to come at Surya Eye to get their Cataract and LASIK procedures. In today’s Feature, we speak to Dr. Vinod R Goyal (MBBS, MS, FICS ) and Dr. Jay Goyal ( MBBS, DOMS, FICO ) from Surya Eye institute.

Surya Eye Institute and Research Centre was started by Dr. Vinod R Goyal in 1982.

Now after 40 years and treating more than 5,00,000 patients, Dr. Goyal wishes that more people from Mumbai & India should take the benefit of these Advanced Technologies and live a better quality of life.  

Q: Have there been many changes in technology with respect to Cataract eye treatment from the time you started your clinic?

Dr. Vinod R Goyal: There have been huge advances in medical science. For example Cataract, from the Laser (Phacoemulsification) which does everything manually, Now the Latest Robotic Femto Laser Cataract Surgery made available at Surya Eye. This has made the surgery very safe and Painless. The recovery time is very fast. The patients and very comfortable and can start all their normal work within 1-2 days.

Q: Are Young People Interested to Remove Specs using Lasik? Is it expensive? Is it worth it?
Today’s youth are well informed and like to have the best available in the world. They are highly competitive and want to excel in everything in life. They don’t want limitations of Specacles and Lenses. They want freedom from Specs.  

Your Eyes are the most precious sensory organ of your body. You live your life through your eyes. It’s like Higher resolution camera of an iPhone. Better quality Image means better life. Lasik is an Amazing technology to Correct Eye problems and remove Specs. The treatment lasts for your whole life. Anyone who wants to play Sports, find it a boon.

People may know Blade and Bladeless LASIK. At Surya Eye we have the most advanced Femto Contoura Vision Lasik which is very safe, very precise and fast, like it takes few seconds only and the patient recovers very fast. 

This procedure uses today’s most modern technologies to create a completely customized treatment.  The computer maps 22,000 points on your cornea and then decides how to reshape it so you get the best possible vision. Surya Eye Institute is the leading Contoura Vision LASIK Center in Mumbai.

Q: What are some mistakes patients make when going in for Cataract or LASIK?

Dr. Goyal: The biggest mistake we see patients making while choosing an eye surgeon is that they base their decision only on price. It is a factor to consider, but it should not be the only one. More important things to consider are, What is the latest technology? What is the best procedure suitable for me? Who will perform the surgery? What is the success rate of surgeries performed by that doctor?

it is important that patients take an informed decision not just based on price. There are options available from Rs 20,000 upwards. A solution for every budget.

Q: What is your Vision for Surya Eye Institute for the future?

Dr. Jay Goyal: to give our patients the best eye treatment on the most advanced equipment at the most affordable price. We want to take this world-class services to common man in India and for international patients.

For more information, please visit https://lasik.suryaeye.com tel : (+91) 8070 504 504

LASIK HELPLINE: 8652 784 784


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